Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is the most wonderful time of year!
This is my favorite month of the year. I love everything about this time of year!
Here is a list of all the things I love about Christmas!
1. Our Savior is Born! He is the reason for the season! He is the reason we celebrate and what a celebration! I always love rereading the Christmas story and the Birth of Christ.
2. Love all the crazy family festivities. This is probably the only month that we get to see all our family and friends ( usually within like a 2 day period but it is so much fun ).
3. I love getting together with all my friends! I love all the dirty santa parties and annual High School, Chi O, small group and now Supper Club Christmas parties with all my closest friends.
4. I love decorating for Christmas!! I love putting up the decorations all around the house.
5. I love going to my home church in Memphis and singing all the carols, seeing all the churches' decorations, and lighting the advent wreath. ( My family is lighting it on Sunday I am so sad that Jay and I can't be there.)
6. I love waking up on Christmas morning with Jay and dumping out our stocking that we stuff for each other. It so much fun shopping for the stuffers to fill them! ( open to ideas for this year if any one has any??)
7. I love me some Christmas music. I love to turn up the music really really loud in my car and sing to the top of my lungs ( of course when I am all alone ).
8. I love the crazy lines and busy retail season. I really love when they are at Smitten!!! Its my favorite month to work retail ( which is a good thing b/c i usually work a whole lot ).
9. The food! I am not a sweets person ( usually like the salty stuff ) but I do love my some sweets at Christmas time!!!
10. And last but not least I love ending the month traveling to see my Bulldogs in a bowl game ( okay so obviously this has only happened like 5 times in the last oh 15 years). NEXT YEAR IS THE YEAR! Dan's the Man!!!

Here are a few pictures from some of the festivities.

Our House at Christmas time!

Our tree! Don't look too close it maybe leaning ( it always takes us so long to try to get it straight ).
This past weekend after church with my dad. He is such a big kid. This Sunday at Church I was sitting next to him and he started playing with this laser pointer that Jay gave him. Yes, that is right my dad in church with a laser pointer. So for anyone at church that might have seen it, no it wasn't an 8 year old little boy, it was my dad.

These are my best friends from High school this weekend at a Christmas wedding shower for Monica. It is amazing to me that even though I only get to see them a few times a year they know me so well. These girls know silly things about me that others dont know ( its so weird when they point them out b/c others don't know things like them ). These are the girls I grew up with. It is so neat b/c when I am with them I feel like we are still 15. I love and miss them all but am thankful that we are still all so close!!

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