Sunday, December 28, 2008

You know you a Redneck.....

You know you are a Redneck when on Christmas Day you have to borrow your parents SUV to load ( in the pouring down rain ) all the presents, luggage, family dog, 9 puppies, and a kiddy swimming pool in the back seat to travel to the in-laws for Christmas. Yes, that is right. That is how we traveled this Christmas to Laurel. It was quite a sight. Thank you to Jay's parents for letting us bring the puppies for 3 days. There were 6 kids under the age of 6 playing with the puppies every chance they could. There were so many cute pictures and funny moments that I will post later.

Also, thank you to all our friends, family, and customers for supporting us this Christmas season at Smitten. We had a wonderful first Christmas season. We can't tell you how much your business means. We are headed to market in 2 weeks and hope to find lots of great things for 09!!! Thank you again.