Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Jay is finally finished this past week with all his Atlanta training! It is very nice having Jay home. We had a wonderful but very busy Labor Day Weekend. On Saturday we went to the State Game. Here a few picture from tailgating before!

Davis and Emilee with their Aunt Emily! She loves seeing her little Bulldogs dressed in Maroon and White!!

Tailgating with Lane and Mary Brook.

Saturday night after having a wonderful day in Starkville we headed to Memphis, stayed that night at my parents house and headed to Ole Miss vs Memphis game on Sunday. At the end of the game I got a text saying that one of my best friends Stephanie was in labor. God was totally making my life easy for me ( b/c I was planning to come back to memphis on Friday for her induction date but he saved me a trip ). So I hurried to the hospital with my mom and we spent the evening their with Stephanie and her family. It was so much fun. Stephanie didnt find out what she was having which of course drove me nuts over the past 9 months so I had to be there to know if she had a boy or girl. ( I would have been there regardless but it did make the night more exciting ). At around 10:30 Drew came out with a video camera and said "It's A GIRL!!!! Margaret Claire Glass! Here is a picture of everyone awaiting the big announcement!

The excitement of steph's Mom! I love it!

This is about 45 minutes after she gave birth ( she looks like she is ready to go to dinner. She looked awesome ).

Margaret Claire! She is Beautiful!

Aww I love this picture. One day I will tell this precious girl that I was their the day she was born and how much I prayed for her!

After we left the hospital at about 11:30 Mom and I headed to my family's lakehouse at Pickwick to meet up with the rest of the family ( which was the original plan after the game ). On Monday we all went out on the boat and jet ski. That night we drove to Corinth to have dinner with Mary Brook and PK and we headed back to reality on Tuesday morning. What a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smitten Birthday

In honor of Smitten's first birthday, we are having a 1st birthday party SALE!

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Thank you for your support over the past year. It has been a great 1st year. We appreciate your business so much.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Low Fat Chocolate Cake!

This weekend my cousin's wife taught me a new cooking tip for baking a low fat cake. She told me to add a diet coke to a chocolate cake mix and a diet sprite to a yellow or white cake ( instead of the oil, butter, eggs, etc..). So tonight I gave it a try and it works. It was delicious. I googled it and if you are doing weight watchers it is 3 points a slice. Who would of thought diet coke and a cake mix??? I am never making a real cake again! It was that good. Try it!

Diet Coke Chocolate Cake
- 1 can of diet coke
- chocolate cake mix
- light/fat free cool whip
- less than a cup of the mini chocolate chips

Mix a diet coke with cake mix and baked as directed on box. Top with a thin layer of cool whip and sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips on top. Enjoy!

* If anyone else has some lowfat cooking tips, I would love to know them. The Hassells are going to start eating a little better.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bride dies on honeymoon.......

After my sophomore year of college, I moved to Birmingham for the summer and did an internship with Saks, Inc.  I worked in the Mens, Children's, and Intimate Apparel division with all men and one girl who was over the Children's and Intimate Apparel, Tina Thomas.  She was only a few years older than me and we ate lunch together all the time that summer.  She was getting married that October and was planning her wedding.  I remember looking at bridesmaids dresses with her online and hearing her talk about this awesome honeymoon she was planning.  She was getting licensed to scuba dive because they were going to Australia for 2 weeks.  Her fiance was a big time scuba diver.  I didn't attend her wedding that October but went back to visit my friends 2 weeks after her wedding.  I asked if she was back from her honeymoon yet and they said, "Oh you haven't heard?  She died on her honeymoon.  They don't know what happened." I was shocked.   After that I went back once more and asked, "Did they ever know what happened to Tina?"  They said, "They think her husband killed her." I still remember the feeling of when they told me that.  That was like 5 years ago.  I never knew what happened to my sweet friend that summer who was so nice to me.  I never asked again because her sister worked there too.  It wasn't until last year one night when Jay and I were watching TV and her story randomly came on Fox news (then she was on the front cover of People magazine, Today show, internet) that I ever found out what happened to her.  This morning I was watching the Today show and the story appeared again.  After 5 years her husband pleaded guilty to manslaughter and accepted a sentence that will keep him in jail for ONLY a year.  So sad that in a year he will be free man after taking Tina's life.  This whole thing is the craziest thing I have ever heard.

Here is the link to the whole story off the Today Show.  In the picture you can see her at the bottom of the ocean as the instructor tries to rescue her and her husband is swimming to the top.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Having a store and working in it daily I encounter so many people each and everyday. One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I get to meet and talk to so many people. In most cases if you are in my store I love striking up conversations with individuals while helping them with their purchases or greeting them with a warm and friendly Hello. The only problem is that my friendliness and desire to make conversation has gotten me in trouble. I have made so many uh-oh's. Here are some of the terrible things I have said. If I said these to any of you it was never my intentions to be ugly or hurt your feelings. It is usually me not taking notices before I speak. We have really big counters and it is so dark in our store and its hard to see people's faces when they come in ( one time when Rebecca came to work through the front I said "Hey How are you? Can I help you find anything?" Rebecca said "Umm its me.")
Anyways so here are the top 5 uh oh's.

1. As I was helping a lady pick out clothes and a monogram for her twins I asked " So when are your twins due?" She said " They were born last week". I know pretty bad.

2. Two older ladies were in the baby sections both had grey hair, glasses, same size and shape. I said " Are yall sister's?" One lady responded "Are you serious. We are 20 years apart. She is my niece." Let's just say the other lady never responded ( they really looked alike, I really almost asked if they were twins. At least sister could be 20 years apart right?? )

3. I welcome this girl I know to the store with a big bubbly "Hey Carrie!" "She said its Claire". Opps. Then as she was leaving I said "Bye Carrie" "She said it's Claire". Opps again. I have also forgotten a million peoples names when they are in the store ( in my defense I have tons of conversations a day with new people so I always am forgetting names and faces). I am so sorry I have a really bad memory. It is really horrible.

4. This man was trying getting this necklace for his wife and I was trying it on for him to see to length and what it looked like on. I had a jacket on over my shirt so I pulled it opened and put it on then when I looked down at the necklace I noticed shirt was sooo low and my Bra was showing by about 2 inches. All I knew to say was "excuse me" and pull it up. PS - the man went to my church. ( if you know me I am the most modest person you will meet this was very embarassing for me I turned bright red).

5. I also said to this girl I know "I heard you were Pregnant". She said "No I am not pregnant" and of course I dug myself into the biggest hole. She had been in the baby section and when we were having this conversation she really was behind the counter and I really thought I had heard that ( apparently I got some wrong info and from now on I never never ask ).

Stay tuned I sure there will be tons more because my husband reminds me daily I have no filter.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A year ago....

A year ago Jay and I were headed to Gulfport for a medical convention that Jay had with Astrazeneca. We had just check in and my parents called and they had just gotten a call from the doctors saying that the lump in my mom's breast was cancer. My parents were so unprepared and shocked by the news (they didn't even ask any questions regarding size, stage, treatments, etc ). I can not even describe the emotions I had especially those first few weeks. I knew very little at the time about Breast Cancer. I now have learned so much and most importantly learned how far they have come in the success with treatments and research. In the weeks to follow we learned they had caught it early but that she would have to undergo Chemo and radiation. As I reflect on the past year God is so good and took care of us. He has answered so many prayers and has really taught me the power of prayer. Mom is a fighter. She was so brave and strong. She didn't let cancer put her life on hold. She attended State Football games ( which if you know anything about my family, we don't miss games), she was able to come to Smitten when we opened, attend wedding and events, work, meet Deanna Farve ( a breast cancer survivor ), and walk as a Breast Cancer Survivor in the Race for the Cure ( Team Christie!) Thursday I wore pink in honor of my precious mom. I am sooo proud of her. I love you MOM and look forward to some many wonderful years to come.

Team Christie! Race for the Cure. Mom in pink hat & sporting her new beautiful wig!

Family picture 3 days before mom started chemo.

Mom and Deanna Farve ( mom in her cute wig )

No More Chemo/ Birthday Party for mom!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our deck and screened in porch is completed and we have loved using it this holiday weekend. We had a few friends over last night to test it out. Here are a few pictures of our new addition.

under construction.

The screened in porch.

Our cute new bench. I found it at an antique store. The bench was made from a 1930's baby crib. My sweet sister-in-law is making us cushions so we can enjoy it on the porch.

My handy husband made this table for our porch. My friend jennings gave me the idea to use the window pane I had in the garage as a table! Thanks Jennings!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Allen Wins Idol!!

Kris Allen wins Idol!!!!!!!! Jay and I have been watching all season and I have loved Kris since the beginning ( and then when I heard on K-Love he was a Christian it started a tiny obsession). I am so excited that he won. I voted about 40 times tuesday night ( I know I am a HUGE loser). Jay was out of town so I just kept dialing like a 13 year old. It paid off though!!!I hope and pray that he will continue to be a role model to Americans, his faith will shine, and his marriage will remain strong .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

5 things going on with the Hassell's

Sooo It has been weeks since I posted and some of my friends have been calling me out ( I really didn't know anyone read my blog). Here are 5 things that have been going on with the Hassells.

1. Jay has been traveling a ton but has been home this week. It has been great having him here and having him work/study from the house. When he has been gone I have tried to stay very busy hanging out with new/old friends, spending time with my young life girls, attending all functions, shopping ( jay's not here, si I want get in trouble ), helping my friends and jenny out with their kids, and even exercising. Jay will be leaving again on sunday and will be gone for several weeks but is planning to be home on the weekends at least.

2. Smitten got into Mistletoe!!! We are so excited but have alot of work ahead of us. We feel so honored to be accepted on our first attempt. Thank you to everyone in the Junior League for this great opportunity. Mark the dates on your calendar it kicks off Nov. 4 ( my 3 year anniversary!!!! happy anniversary Jay you will be working the Smitten booth at the preview party!).

3. My sister, Lori, graduated from Miss State at the beginning of May ( I still feel like she should be in 9th grade ). She graduated with high honors ( unlike her sister). She has been accepted into the speech pathology program in memphis (the 12th best program in the country ). She has received a scholorship and a GA position. ( like I said obviously way smarter ). I am sooo proud of her. I feel that this is her calling and it is the perfect career path for her.

4. I got a new phone on Monday which has made jay, my parents, lauren and rebecca's day. My old phone that I have had for 2 years had a battery life of about 12 minutes and then it would start beeping and it drove them crazy ( it did it every hour of the day so I was used to it but then the screen broke so it was time). I really hate getting new phones b/c it takes me about 2 years to learn how to work them. So if I don't text you back its not because I am being rude its b/c I don't know how to use my new phone. I only get the free phones that are offered and I thought this one was similiar to my old one. Well its not. ( supposedly this one is really cute according to Lauren but I miss the one that beeped every second of the day ).

5. This past weekend we had a deck builted off our patio and this weekend we our getting our back porch screened in. We are excited about fixing up our backyard and expanding our outdoor entertaining area. I will post pictures when it is completed this weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hassell Update

So after a 2 year process Jay has now switched jobs. He will be a State Farm Agent in the Jackson Metro area ( my dad is an SF agent in Memphis ). We are so excited that one day he will be his own boss and it couldn't have come at a better time. Two years ago Jay decided that he wanted to go through the year long process where he had several interviews and then had to present a 20 page business plan to try and be in the pool of qualified candicates that could then interview for State Farm Agent positions across the country. We have been hoping for something to come open in Jackson and it did. Jay interviewed and got it. For the next year or two ( hopefully not more than that ) he will be working for State Farm and being trained to take over the next agency in Jackson. He will be training ( for the next 22 weeks 11 of those out of town - Yuck ), getting his licenses, and shadowing other agents for the time being. We are now guaranteed an Agency in the Metro area but we are just not sure whose and where we will be in the city. So for those who have offered we can't take you business just yet but WOULD LOVE IT IN THE FUTURE!! When you start seeing his face on those huge billboard then we can write it. Astrazeneca has been great to him over the years. We are really going to miss the great people he has worked with ( and the free car and gas ). We are temporary using jay's old college car that his parents still had so if you see me riding around town in a 13 year old jeep that has a Ole miss sticker, and a Ole miss license plate on the FRONT AND THE BACK no I haven't been converted ( We just never want to have a car payment ).

A few weeks ago my entire mom's side of the family ( except my sister ) got together to celebrate my grandfathers 84th birthday and watch Mississippi State win the SEC Championship!!! Here's a picture of everyone after the game. We all smiled to GO DAWGS ( looks like even the Ole Miss and the Alabama fans smiled for the camera)!!!

Below is a picture taken of my first piece of painted art. I had never painted on a canvas before tuesday night. I went to this new place that just opened called easely amused. I was so excited!!! Although my painting was the worst one of the group, I had the best time. My whole life I have wanted to be able to be artist but God just didn't give me that talent. Seriously when I was in High School and ran for Student Council offices my friends and others would make so much fun of my posters because I had to use stensils from Micheal's. So by my senior year they felt so sorry for me and made them for me. But wait til they see my new artist skills!!!

Okay so you know when you were a kid and would bring home your art from school and your mom would hang it on the fridge and tell you it's beautiful. Well mom, I am giving it to you to hang! Happy Early Mother's Day.... I was thinking of hanging it at Pickwick????? Hang it with pride because it's probably the best painting your ever going to get from me.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Win a $15 gift certificate to Smitten...Just go to and follow the directions...Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bed Time Stories......

The other night I was sounded asleep and all of a sudden my sweet husband hits me in the face. I jump up in pain and give him a good little kick under the covers and told him " OUCH you just hit me in the face". There was no responses on his end so I kicked him again and he said "sorry". I asked him the next morning why he hit me in the face and he said he wasn't sure but he was dreaming about being a defensive tackle in the NFL and he was rushing the quarterback and was trying to knock the ball loose. I asked that next time he decides to dream about being a pro football player could I not be one of the players.

Jay does a Bible study every Friday morning from 6-8. He usually has to leave around 5:30 but this Friday he was in charge of breakfast. We had gotten him some cinnamon rolls to take and needed to wake up at 5 to let them cook. Well in the middle of the night I hear Jay get up and go into the kitchen. He starts the oven. He comes back in the bedroom to get back in bed while the oven was preheating and he looks at the clock and it is 12:39. HE is so crazy.... He then realizes he is 4 hours to early. In our 2 years of marriage I could probably write a book about all the crazy things jay does in his sleep. His mom told me when jay was in a kid one night she heard the front door open and got up to see what was going on and she found jay sleep walking down the street in the middle of the night...crazy..who does things like that... I just pray this trait doesn't get pasted down to our kids.

Friday, January 23, 2009

For this child we have prayed.........

Babies! Babies! and more Babies!!!!This has been such a fun week full of baby births and news ( no not for us if you were even wondering ). On Sunday I helped host a diaper shower for Rebecca ( my partner ) ( where literally everyone had a little baby bump ). Then that night I get a call from one of my best friends from high school Stephanie Hardwick Glass and she told she was pregnant!!!!! I am so happy for Stephanie and Drew and can't wait to love on their little baby. Then Monday morning I get an email that Mimi and Benji's triplet girls were born!!!! They were born at 32 weeks but were all over 3lbs which is such a blessing. The Lord has just put Mimi and her girls so heavy on my heart and I along with so many others have been praying for these precious girls since I found out she was expecting. Also, this week another couple from our church had triplet girls ( crazy i know but what an answer to prayers that all 6 girls are doing so good). I don't know this couple personally yet but I am taking them food later and look forward to meeting the family and thier sweet girls!!! On Tuesday our friends Trey and Melanie Field from our small group had their baby boy Will ( we got to see Trey and Melanie last night but sadly we didn't get meet little Will ). On Wednesday Scott and Helen Marshall had baby boy Taylor Moss Marshall! We saw him on Thursday night as well and he is soo cute ( and he and little Will Field will have lots of girls to chose from ). On Thursday morning I get a text from my partner Rebecca saying that she is in labor ( 2 weeks early ) !!!! She had not found out what she was having and had a GIRL!!!! I couldn't be at the hospital because I was working for her ( since she was a little busy and it was killing me I wasn't there ). Tears filled my eyes when I got the call "It's a girl!!! Her name is Taylor Elizabeth Ueltschey. What a cute name. Rebecca and I had surfed the internet looking for name suggestions and I thought the name she chose was beautiful. This is the baby I have felt kick and squirm in Rebecca's little tummy for the past few months so it was so exciting to know it was a little girl and to meet her. We have had countless conversations about baby U2. She was healthy and beautiful just like her big sister Anderson. I am so happy for them. Also, I have 2 Chi O friends and one had a baby girl on Thursday and one found out she was having a little boy on Thursday. What a fun week!!! Jay and I have been praying for these children for months and what a blessing this week has been. Our prayer is that these babies grow to know God's love and how good He is!!!! Congratulations to all!!!!! We would love to babysit!!!