Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hassell Update

So after a 2 year process Jay has now switched jobs. He will be a State Farm Agent in the Jackson Metro area ( my dad is an SF agent in Memphis ). We are so excited that one day he will be his own boss and it couldn't have come at a better time. Two years ago Jay decided that he wanted to go through the year long process where he had several interviews and then had to present a 20 page business plan to try and be in the pool of qualified candicates that could then interview for State Farm Agent positions across the country. We have been hoping for something to come open in Jackson and it did. Jay interviewed and got it. For the next year or two ( hopefully not more than that ) he will be working for State Farm and being trained to take over the next agency in Jackson. He will be training ( for the next 22 weeks 11 of those out of town - Yuck ), getting his licenses, and shadowing other agents for the time being. We are now guaranteed an Agency in the Metro area but we are just not sure whose and where we will be in the city. So for those who have offered we can't take you business just yet but WOULD LOVE IT IN THE FUTURE!! When you start seeing his face on those huge billboard then we can write it. Astrazeneca has been great to him over the years. We are really going to miss the great people he has worked with ( and the free car and gas ). We are temporary using jay's old college car that his parents still had so if you see me riding around town in a 13 year old jeep that has a Ole miss sticker, and a Ole miss license plate on the FRONT AND THE BACK no I haven't been converted ( We just never want to have a car payment ).

A few weeks ago my entire mom's side of the family ( except my sister ) got together to celebrate my grandfathers 84th birthday and watch Mississippi State win the SEC Championship!!! Here's a picture of everyone after the game. We all smiled to GO DAWGS ( looks like even the Ole Miss and the Alabama fans smiled for the camera)!!!

Below is a picture taken of my first piece of painted art. I had never painted on a canvas before tuesday night. I went to this new place that just opened called easely amused. I was so excited!!! Although my painting was the worst one of the group, I had the best time. My whole life I have wanted to be able to be artist but God just didn't give me that talent. Seriously when I was in High School and ran for Student Council offices my friends and others would make so much fun of my posters because I had to use stensils from Micheal's. So by my senior year they felt so sorry for me and made them for me. But wait til they see my new artist skills!!!

Okay so you know when you were a kid and would bring home your art from school and your mom would hang it on the fridge and tell you it's beautiful. Well mom, I am giving it to you to hang! Happy Early Mother's Day.... I was thinking of hanging it at Pickwick????? Hang it with pride because it's probably the best painting your ever going to get from me.