Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Jay is finally finished this past week with all his Atlanta training! It is very nice having Jay home. We had a wonderful but very busy Labor Day Weekend. On Saturday we went to the State Game. Here a few picture from tailgating before!

Davis and Emilee with their Aunt Emily! She loves seeing her little Bulldogs dressed in Maroon and White!!

Tailgating with Lane and Mary Brook.

Saturday night after having a wonderful day in Starkville we headed to Memphis, stayed that night at my parents house and headed to Ole Miss vs Memphis game on Sunday. At the end of the game I got a text saying that one of my best friends Stephanie was in labor. God was totally making my life easy for me ( b/c I was planning to come back to memphis on Friday for her induction date but he saved me a trip ). So I hurried to the hospital with my mom and we spent the evening their with Stephanie and her family. It was so much fun. Stephanie didnt find out what she was having which of course drove me nuts over the past 9 months so I had to be there to know if she had a boy or girl. ( I would have been there regardless but it did make the night more exciting ). At around 10:30 Drew came out with a video camera and said "It's A GIRL!!!! Margaret Claire Glass! Here is a picture of everyone awaiting the big announcement!

The excitement of steph's Mom! I love it!

This is about 45 minutes after she gave birth ( she looks like she is ready to go to dinner. She looked awesome ).

Margaret Claire! She is Beautiful!

Aww I love this picture. One day I will tell this precious girl that I was their the day she was born and how much I prayed for her!

After we left the hospital at about 11:30 Mom and I headed to my family's lakehouse at Pickwick to meet up with the rest of the family ( which was the original plan after the game ). On Monday we all went out on the boat and jet ski. That night we drove to Corinth to have dinner with Mary Brook and PK and we headed back to reality on Tuesday morning. What a great weekend!