Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hassell Update!!

We went to the doctor today and baby Hassell ( and his mama ) are growing ALOT! Seriously I am huge for only 25.5 weeks. I am not going to lie the rapid weight gain is kind of freaking me out but of course I can't pass up the angel food cake w/ strawberries and ice cream tonight. I got tested for diabetes and they checked my blood count again ( b/c anemic ) and got great reports on both. I had always heard the glucose drink was terrible but I actually thought it was not bad at all. The worse part was having to skip breakfast ( again might be the reason for rapid weight gain ). Dr. Cole also addressed some of my swelling, terrible leg cramps, numbness in hands/feet, heartburn, braxton hicks contractions, etc. all the lovely side effects of pregnancy. She told me to get off my legs and it get them propped up and elevated ( especially when I work ). So if you come in Smitten and see me with the legs up its doctors orders.

Jay and I have started preparing for our baby boy. We have been majorly cleaning out. We are having a garage sale on May 22 and after Goodwill is picking up the remaining. I can't wait!!! Jay moved the furniture out of the babies room. We got it set up with just a few conflicts. Jay was struggling to give up his office ( I just told him two options new house or we make it the guestroom/office ). We have also scheduled the painters to come in two weeks ( lets just says we agreed that after this weekend it was the best decision to hire painters ).

Jay and I have also decided on our little baby boys name. His name is going to be John Brooks Hassell and we are going to call him Brooks. John is jays first name, his dads name, his grandfathers, great grandfather, etc. Brooks was my maiden name and I always wanted to name my son after the special men in my life my pawpaw ( who I adored ), my dad ( my hero ), and my cousin Brooks along with all members of the Brooks family who I love dearly. After debating over the name for weeks (b/c I know of 2 girls with the name Brooks) we have decided that there is no other family name that would be more perfect for our little boy. He will be named after so many Godly Men and our prayer is that he will follow in their legacy.