Saturday, May 30, 2009


Having a store and working in it daily I encounter so many people each and everyday. One of my favorite aspects of my job is that I get to meet and talk to so many people. In most cases if you are in my store I love striking up conversations with individuals while helping them with their purchases or greeting them with a warm and friendly Hello. The only problem is that my friendliness and desire to make conversation has gotten me in trouble. I have made so many uh-oh's. Here are some of the terrible things I have said. If I said these to any of you it was never my intentions to be ugly or hurt your feelings. It is usually me not taking notices before I speak. We have really big counters and it is so dark in our store and its hard to see people's faces when they come in ( one time when Rebecca came to work through the front I said "Hey How are you? Can I help you find anything?" Rebecca said "Umm its me.")
Anyways so here are the top 5 uh oh's.

1. As I was helping a lady pick out clothes and a monogram for her twins I asked " So when are your twins due?" She said " They were born last week". I know pretty bad.

2. Two older ladies were in the baby sections both had grey hair, glasses, same size and shape. I said " Are yall sister's?" One lady responded "Are you serious. We are 20 years apart. She is my niece." Let's just say the other lady never responded ( they really looked alike, I really almost asked if they were twins. At least sister could be 20 years apart right?? )

3. I welcome this girl I know to the store with a big bubbly "Hey Carrie!" "She said its Claire". Opps. Then as she was leaving I said "Bye Carrie" "She said it's Claire". Opps again. I have also forgotten a million peoples names when they are in the store ( in my defense I have tons of conversations a day with new people so I always am forgetting names and faces). I am so sorry I have a really bad memory. It is really horrible.

4. This man was trying getting this necklace for his wife and I was trying it on for him to see to length and what it looked like on. I had a jacket on over my shirt so I pulled it opened and put it on then when I looked down at the necklace I noticed shirt was sooo low and my Bra was showing by about 2 inches. All I knew to say was "excuse me" and pull it up. PS - the man went to my church. ( if you know me I am the most modest person you will meet this was very embarassing for me I turned bright red).

5. I also said to this girl I know "I heard you were Pregnant". She said "No I am not pregnant" and of course I dug myself into the biggest hole. She had been in the baby section and when we were having this conversation she really was behind the counter and I really thought I had heard that ( apparently I got some wrong info and from now on I never never ask ).

Stay tuned I sure there will be tons more because my husband reminds me daily I have no filter.