Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Friends and Family playing with the puppies....

Lori ( my sis ) and Greg

The Lycette Clan

Big Boy just passed out. ( Mary Lucia and Clayton this is your pup ). We were laughing so hard when we found him in this position.

they are starting to play!!
We still have puppies left if you are interested please let us know!!!
Tacky Christmas Party!
We went to Sy and Sarah Easterling's Tacky Christmas Party. It was so much fun. If you are ever invited to a Tacky Christmas Party, be sure to dress cute tacky. Rebecca and I missed the memo.

3 weeks!!! ( or pictures from )
The puppies have now opened their eyes and walking. They are getting so big and so much more fun ( except the fact that they poop so much more ). This past weekend when it was warm we took them outside for the first time, and they played in the grass with the neighborhood kids. They also had their first meal. Here are a few pictures.

Reece ( our neighbor ) with the puppies!

Ellie with "Big Boy". He is the biggest of the bunch and he is Mary Lucia and Clayton's pick!

Playing in the grass.