Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bed Time Stories......

The other night I was sounded asleep and all of a sudden my sweet husband hits me in the face. I jump up in pain and give him a good little kick under the covers and told him " OUCH you just hit me in the face". There was no responses on his end so I kicked him again and he said "sorry". I asked him the next morning why he hit me in the face and he said he wasn't sure but he was dreaming about being a defensive tackle in the NFL and he was rushing the quarterback and was trying to knock the ball loose. I asked that next time he decides to dream about being a pro football player could I not be one of the players.

Jay does a Bible study every Friday morning from 6-8. He usually has to leave around 5:30 but this Friday he was in charge of breakfast. We had gotten him some cinnamon rolls to take and needed to wake up at 5 to let them cook. Well in the middle of the night I hear Jay get up and go into the kitchen. He starts the oven. He comes back in the bedroom to get back in bed while the oven was preheating and he looks at the clock and it is 12:39. HE is so crazy.... He then realizes he is 4 hours to early. In our 2 years of marriage I could probably write a book about all the crazy things jay does in his sleep. His mom told me when jay was in a kid one night she heard the front door open and got up to see what was going on and she found jay sleep walking down the street in the middle of the night...crazy..who does things like that... I just pray this trait doesn't get pasted down to our kids.

Friday, January 23, 2009

For this child we have prayed.........

Babies! Babies! and more Babies!!!!This has been such a fun week full of baby births and news ( no not for us if you were even wondering ). On Sunday I helped host a diaper shower for Rebecca ( my partner ) ( where literally everyone had a little baby bump ). Then that night I get a call from one of my best friends from high school Stephanie Hardwick Glass and she told she was pregnant!!!!! I am so happy for Stephanie and Drew and can't wait to love on their little baby. Then Monday morning I get an email that Mimi and Benji's triplet girls were born!!!! They were born at 32 weeks but were all over 3lbs which is such a blessing. The Lord has just put Mimi and her girls so heavy on my heart and I along with so many others have been praying for these precious girls since I found out she was expecting. Also, this week another couple from our church had triplet girls ( crazy i know but what an answer to prayers that all 6 girls are doing so good). I don't know this couple personally yet but I am taking them food later and look forward to meeting the family and thier sweet girls!!! On Tuesday our friends Trey and Melanie Field from our small group had their baby boy Will ( we got to see Trey and Melanie last night but sadly we didn't get meet little Will ). On Wednesday Scott and Helen Marshall had baby boy Taylor Moss Marshall! We saw him on Thursday night as well and he is soo cute ( and he and little Will Field will have lots of girls to chose from ). On Thursday morning I get a text from my partner Rebecca saying that she is in labor ( 2 weeks early ) !!!! She had not found out what she was having and had a GIRL!!!! I couldn't be at the hospital because I was working for her ( since she was a little busy and it was killing me I wasn't there ). Tears filled my eyes when I got the call "It's a girl!!! Her name is Taylor Elizabeth Ueltschey. What a cute name. Rebecca and I had surfed the internet looking for name suggestions and I thought the name she chose was beautiful. This is the baby I have felt kick and squirm in Rebecca's little tummy for the past few months so it was so exciting to know it was a little girl and to meet her. We have had countless conversations about baby U2. She was healthy and beautiful just like her big sister Anderson. I am so happy for them. Also, I have 2 Chi O friends and one had a baby girl on Thursday and one found out she was having a little boy on Thursday. What a fun week!!! Jay and I have been praying for these children for months and what a blessing this week has been. Our prayer is that these babies grow to know God's love and how good He is!!!! Congratulations to all!!!!! We would love to babysit!!!