Friday, June 5, 2009

Bride dies on honeymoon.......

After my sophomore year of college, I moved to Birmingham for the summer and did an internship with Saks, Inc.  I worked in the Mens, Children's, and Intimate Apparel division with all men and one girl who was over the Children's and Intimate Apparel, Tina Thomas.  She was only a few years older than me and we ate lunch together all the time that summer.  She was getting married that October and was planning her wedding.  I remember looking at bridesmaids dresses with her online and hearing her talk about this awesome honeymoon she was planning.  She was getting licensed to scuba dive because they were going to Australia for 2 weeks.  Her fiance was a big time scuba diver.  I didn't attend her wedding that October but went back to visit my friends 2 weeks after her wedding.  I asked if she was back from her honeymoon yet and they said, "Oh you haven't heard?  She died on her honeymoon.  They don't know what happened." I was shocked.   After that I went back once more and asked, "Did they ever know what happened to Tina?"  They said, "They think her husband killed her." I still remember the feeling of when they told me that.  That was like 5 years ago.  I never knew what happened to my sweet friend that summer who was so nice to me.  I never asked again because her sister worked there too.  It wasn't until last year one night when Jay and I were watching TV and her story randomly came on Fox news (then she was on the front cover of People magazine, Today show, internet) that I ever found out what happened to her.  This morning I was watching the Today show and the story appeared again.  After 5 years her husband pleaded guilty to manslaughter and accepted a sentence that will keep him in jail for ONLY a year.  So sad that in a year he will be free man after taking Tina's life.  This whole thing is the craziest thing I have ever heard.

Here is the link to the whole story off the Today Show.  In the picture you can see her at the bottom of the ocean as the instructor tries to rescue her and her husband is swimming to the top.


katie ray said...

sooo sad- i saw that on the news one day last week as well! i am so sorry that was your friend. such a sad story.

Anonymous said...


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