Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hassell Update!!

We went to the doctor today and baby Hassell ( and his mama ) are growing ALOT! Seriously I am huge for only 25.5 weeks. I am not going to lie the rapid weight gain is kind of freaking me out but of course I can't pass up the angel food cake w/ strawberries and ice cream tonight. I got tested for diabetes and they checked my blood count again ( b/c anemic ) and got great reports on both. I had always heard the glucose drink was terrible but I actually thought it was not bad at all. The worse part was having to skip breakfast ( again might be the reason for rapid weight gain ). Dr. Cole also addressed some of my swelling, terrible leg cramps, numbness in hands/feet, heartburn, braxton hicks contractions, etc. all the lovely side effects of pregnancy. She told me to get off my legs and it get them propped up and elevated ( especially when I work ). So if you come in Smitten and see me with the legs up its doctors orders.

Jay and I have started preparing for our baby boy. We have been majorly cleaning out. We are having a garage sale on May 22 and after Goodwill is picking up the remaining. I can't wait!!! Jay moved the furniture out of the babies room. We got it set up with just a few conflicts. Jay was struggling to give up his office ( I just told him two options new house or we make it the guestroom/office ). We have also scheduled the painters to come in two weeks ( lets just says we agreed that after this weekend it was the best decision to hire painters ).

Jay and I have also decided on our little baby boys name. His name is going to be John Brooks Hassell and we are going to call him Brooks. John is jays first name, his dads name, his grandfathers, great grandfather, etc. Brooks was my maiden name and I always wanted to name my son after the special men in my life my pawpaw ( who I adored ), my dad ( my hero ), and my cousin Brooks along with all members of the Brooks family who I love dearly. After debating over the name for weeks (b/c I know of 2 girls with the name Brooks) we have decided that there is no other family name that would be more perfect for our little boy. He will be named after so many Godly Men and our prayer is that he will follow in their legacy.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night was such a special night for Jay and me. We had our families for dinner ( Jay's parents, my parents, my sis lori, jay's sis jenny, her husband coleman, and their kids davis and emilee ). We had the best time visiting with them at dinner and watching the state basketball game. After dinner and at halftime ( of course ) we cut into our precious baby cake.

He is our cake before cutting into. The little booties are actually a light green.

We had everyone go around and give their final guess.

Then we cut our cake!!!

It was BLUE !!!! IT'S A BOY!!! We are sooooo excited! I can't believe it! I am going to have a son!

After the celebration, my sweet sister-in-law brought in the two huge containers full of precious baby boy clothes. Jenny was giving my mom and me lots of baby boy tips. Here are all the women ( on the floor ) going through all the baby clothes. We all decided that while he is a baby we will dress him like a little baby ( in precious day gowns and smocked clothing ). He has the rest of his life to be a boy.

We packed up all the clothes and made it for the last few minutes of the state game with the men. It was sooo exciting and a great victory for state. This little guy is going to be surrounded by sports ( Ole Miss and State - of course mainly state if I have anything to do with it ). Both of his grandfathers played ball in college ( my dad football and jay's dad baseball ).

I could not have asked for a more perfect evening. Of course everything now seems so real. I mean I am going to have a son! I am going to be a mom. My mind has been racing all night ( it is now 5:30 and I've been up since 2 ). I feel this huge responsiblity that comes with raising a man. My prayer for years has been that my children will come to know the Lord at a young age and shine for Him throughout their life. But now not only is that my prayer and goal to teach my son about God's love but its my responsiblity to raise him to be the head of a household, the spiritual leader, and a Godly Man. I feel like God has given me the greatest gift and opportunity to be a mother but with that is a HUGE responsiblity. Thankfully, I am not doing this alone. Jay will be an amazing dad and the perfect role model for our son (hopefully he can pick up my slack ). Please keep all of us in your prayers as we raise up this baby to be a man of God.

Here is a the video!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

big week!

Today we went to the doctor for our 17.5 appointment. We could have found out if Baby Hassell is a boy or girl instead we got them to write down the gender in an envelope. Friday night our families are coming in town and we will find out the gender all together. I took the envelope to a local bakery and I am getting them to make us a baby cake with the inside either pink or blue. Friday night Jay and I will cut the cake and we will all find out all together if our baby is a BOY OR GIRL!!! We are so excited and can't wait until Friday. It will be a night of celebration!!

I have posted a poll. What do you think we are having??

Other appointment news:
- Baby H is 8 ounces
- Baby H is a hand sucker. Which was soooo precious but it also means we might need to start saving for those braces.
- Baby H is measuring bigger and a few days early
- I gained 4 more lbs in 3 weeks - Awesome! ( I even took my shoes off today ).
- Everything else looked great on the sonogram. It was amazing to see this precious miracle that is growing inside of me. I am just so Amazed by God. Thanks for the prayers. God is good.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

13 Weeks and counting!!

So I turned 14 weeks tomorrow and have now entered into the 2nd trimester!!! I had some relief finally this week and I am feeling more like myself. I hope this is the first of many more good weeks to come! Baby Hassell must be growing ( or its all the food I am eating these days ) because all the clothes are getting really tight. Everyone keeps asking me what I have been craving or wanting to eat these days. Here are my favorites these days.

1. CAPRI SUNS!!! I forgot how good these were. They are as good as they were when I was 8.
2. Time out's Bow tie Pasta!!!! They only serve it every other Thursday for lunch but you can order to as a catering item by the gallon. SO I wanted it sooo bad that I had to cater it for myself!! Yum Yum. Its a little expensive for 2 people to have for dinner so I told Jay that would use my Christmas money to pay for it. So I did and It was a great Christmas present to myself! It was fabulous!
3. Fruit Snacks!!!
4. Whole Wheat Eggo Waffles! I eat these every morning and in the middle of the night when I am up for a bathroom break. They help with the terrible sick feeling.
5. The Real Fruit Strawberry Popsicle!

It has been fun sharing with others over the past few weeks. Thanks for keeping Baby Hassell in your prayers. Our next doctors appointment is Tuesday. Please pray for a great report.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Christmas Blessing!!!!

We are proud to announce that we are expecting a Baby!!!!!! We are sooo excited and can't stop thanking God for this Blessing. We found out at the beginning of December and had our first doctors appointment the Monday before Christmas. So we had so much fun surprising our parents ( and sisters) on Christmas! We went to the doctor again on Tuesday and heard that precious heartbeat again! We can't stop Praising God for this miracle. Below is the little outfit Lauren monogrammed for my dad to open for Christmas. #82 was my dad's football number when he played at Miss State. When I was born someone made my dad an outfit for his "new little Bulldog" and it looked similiar to this ( with his number and Brooks ). I wore that outfit all the time ( my dad loved it). This is for his "new little bulldog'!!!!!! I really think it is the cutest thing I ever seen ( probably b/c my little bit will be wearing it come August!)

Picture of sonogram taped on back along with coming in august! Please keep Baby Hassell in your prayers and thanking God for this wonderful Christmas Gift!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Jay is finally finished this past week with all his Atlanta training! It is very nice having Jay home. We had a wonderful but very busy Labor Day Weekend. On Saturday we went to the State Game. Here a few picture from tailgating before!

Davis and Emilee with their Aunt Emily! She loves seeing her little Bulldogs dressed in Maroon and White!!

Tailgating with Lane and Mary Brook.

Saturday night after having a wonderful day in Starkville we headed to Memphis, stayed that night at my parents house and headed to Ole Miss vs Memphis game on Sunday. At the end of the game I got a text saying that one of my best friends Stephanie was in labor. God was totally making my life easy for me ( b/c I was planning to come back to memphis on Friday for her induction date but he saved me a trip ). So I hurried to the hospital with my mom and we spent the evening their with Stephanie and her family. It was so much fun. Stephanie didnt find out what she was having which of course drove me nuts over the past 9 months so I had to be there to know if she had a boy or girl. ( I would have been there regardless but it did make the night more exciting ). At around 10:30 Drew came out with a video camera and said "It's A GIRL!!!! Margaret Claire Glass! Here is a picture of everyone awaiting the big announcement!

The excitement of steph's Mom! I love it!

This is about 45 minutes after she gave birth ( she looks like she is ready to go to dinner. She looked awesome ).

Margaret Claire! She is Beautiful!

Aww I love this picture. One day I will tell this precious girl that I was their the day she was born and how much I prayed for her!

After we left the hospital at about 11:30 Mom and I headed to my family's lakehouse at Pickwick to meet up with the rest of the family ( which was the original plan after the game ). On Monday we all went out on the boat and jet ski. That night we drove to Corinth to have dinner with Mary Brook and PK and we headed back to reality on Tuesday morning. What a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smitten Birthday

In honor of Smitten's first birthday, we are having a 1st birthday party SALE!

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Thank you for your support over the past year. It has been a great 1st year. We appreciate your business so much.

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